Videos to get you on the way to having a more organized and functional living aread for you and your family to enjoy!

Living Simply Helps the Environment

Learn how living a simple lifestyle allows us to be better stewards of this beautiful world we have been given. You may surprise yourself at how little you need to live an abundant life!

Organizing Living Areas

Simplify Your Home Challenge - January 19th Living Areas

Organizing a Coat Closet

The coat closet tends to be a catch all. Learn how to make the space functional again, but watch out as you open the door. Could be dangerous!

Bringing Bliss Back in the Bedroom

Whether you are a busy mom, overworked professional or just old and tired, your bedroom should be a place to retreat, rest and possibly a little romance. However, it is easy for our bedrooms to become a catch-all because it is a space guests seldom see. We toss stuff in there and plan to deal with it later, right? This month let’s make our bedroom a priority!

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