Stage Your Home to Sell

Declutter and Stage your home all while doing purposeful organizing to prepare you for your move!

Simplify Your Move

Learn how to downsize and move with tips from Cathy Bates who has 30 years experience in moving with 14 moves of her own and moves for over 1000 clients. Moving during COVID can be an adventure! Downsizing can be a challenge with options for selling and donating being restricted, but there are still good options out there that we will share. We will discuss protocol to keep you and your family safe during a move and ways to save time, money and your back while keeping the stress level low.

Packing Fragile Items

Moving is hard enough! It's not fun when you open up boxes and find that your possessions have been damage in the move. Cathy will show you how what supplies you need to be efficient and the secret to packing a box so that your valuables are protected.

Easy Move With Color Coded Labels

Ever get tired of hearing movers say "Where do you want this?" Color coding your labels on boxes and furniture can save you loads of time overseeing the movers and telling them where things go. This system that we use saves clients from having to pay us to direct movers and allows us to be available for questions, but using our time more productively by unpacking instead of directing movers.

Depersonalize to Sell

Depersonalizing a home in order to get it ready for the market can help the potential buyers visualize themselves in the home. It can also make it easier to maintain during the sales process. Personal items can easily be packed so they are ready to be moved when the house sells.

Downsizing Videos

Space Planning For Your New Home

The first step in downsizing is planning what furniture will fit in your space. Once you have that decided, you can more easily start looking at the smaller items, deciding what will go with you and what you can live without.

Downsizing Photos

Photos tend to take a lot of space when they are stored in albums. Learn how to store your photos where they are safe from damage and take less space in your home.

Downsizing By Shopping Through the House

Downsizing can be as easy as taking a shopping trip through your own house. It is important to focus on what you do want in your home when downsizing rather than focusing on all you will not be taking. Let us help make downsizing easy by shopping through your home.

Downsizing - Help Your House Shed Unwanted Weight

Many of us have cleared out our parents house and don't want to leave the same mess for our kids to deal with. Going into those spaces, hidden behind closet doors, and purging what you no longer need can bring freedom and a renewed vigor. Learn how to simplify.

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