How-To Videos

​Now you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to learn how to get organized! Starting now, new videos will demonstrate how to organize specific areas of the home. Check back often, as we will be adding more videos throughout the year. Also subscribe to our channel on YouTube or follow us on social media.

Organizing Your Bathroom

Learn more about organizing your bathroom cabinets, tub, and shower area. Also learn to clean your bathroom in less than five minutes!

Getting Organized in Your Kitchen

Here are some great ideas for organizing your pantry, refrigerator, kitchen drawers, utensils, cabinets, drawers and pullouts, junk drawers, counter tops, and dishes/dishwasher.

Getting Your Holidays Organized

Make your holidays easier with tips from Cathy Bates on organizing your Christmas decor and gift wrap, as well as tools to help you keep up with greeting cards for birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations throughout the year.

Downsizing Videos

Learn how to downsize and organize photos, "shop" through your house, and shed your house's unwanted clutter weight.

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Sell your house more effectively by depersonalizing it.

Packing Tips

Make your next move easy with these great tips on labeling and packing your items.

Organizing Keepsakes

Are your keepsakes leaving a legacy or a burden for your loved ones?  Watch our video from Facebook Live to learn more.

Getting Your Closet Organized

Learn how to clear closet clutter and organize it so that it stays clutter-free!


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