-Lisa J. ​

I was so overwhelmed and tired all of the time trying to function in a disorganized home.  My consultant helped me gain control of my home and life so that I am more relaxed and able to be a better mom.  I even found time for me which is something that has not been a priority since having children.

-Jennifer C.

Working with Practical Solutions was very productive and personally empowering.  My consultant had a sharp eye and practical way of organizing.  What we achieved today would have taken me so much longer on my own – my perfectionism sometimes traps me and I get caught up in the process and finer details.  On my own I would have just made a mess, but we were able to find a home…

-Riki U.​

Getting help from Practical Solutions seriously changed my life! My home is organized and I have been able to maintain the order because of the personalized systems developed.  I’m no longer embarrassed to have friends over and am telling all of my friends to give the service a try!