What are our customers saying?

I’ve been successfully using the services of Practical Solutions for many years to organize the home of my elderly parents, which had become a huge problem in a house that had accumulated more than 40 years of clutter.   Before starting the organizing, I was very stressed and depressed about the size of the job and the amount of work that would be involved, since I knew that there was no easy or quick solution because my parents didn’t want to simply get rid of everything.  To say that the task was daunting would be a massive understatement, since it involved going through rooms filled with thousands of items that needed to be sorted out individually.

It was also too big of a job to do all at once for my parents, since making decisions about what stays or goes was always a problem for them, so I arranged a regular weekly organizing visit so that the process didn’t become overwhelming.   Although this isn’t the fastest method to organize, it’s what I knew was necessary to eventually get the process done right without excessive stress.  Cathy and Patti were able to work within my requirements and they did a great job.  They were reliable, showed up on time as scheduled, and worked quickly and efficiently to complete the job.   It was a huge relief for me to get this major problem solved.  This literally proved to be a lifesaving venture when my mother experience a stroke later on, since it allowed me to care for her at home instead of using a long-term nursing home.  It would have been impossible to care for her amidst the clutter that previously existed.  Organizing the home has also prevented them from receiving injuries due to tripping over stuff, which regularly happened before this was done.  Hiring Practical Solutions was one of the best decisions I made to prepare for the long-term care of my family and I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t done this.

Jack Q.

I was so overwhelmed and tired all of the time trying to function in a disorganized home.  My consultant helped me gain control of my home and life so that I am more relaxed and able to be a better mom.  I even found time for me which is something that has not been a priority since having children.

-Lisa J. ​

Recently I sold my home in Four Seasons Beaumont. Practical Solutions helped me downsize, donate, give away, and sell things I no longer wanted. This is an AMAZING COMPANY. Cathy, Patti, Sal, and Ben gave me complete confidence that they had my best interest 100% of the time! Practical Solutions is an ethical, fair, OUTSTANDING COMPANY!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS!!!

Rhonda B.

At first I was reluctant to hire someone to help me organize. I felt embarrassed and thought I should be able to do it on my own. I also felt guilty about spending the money. But, the moment I met my consultant, I knew I was making the right decision. She put me at ease immediately. She was both personable and professional. She saved me hours upon hours of work, came up with solutions I never would have, and provided structure to my organizational efforts. As I worked with my consultant, I realized that my disorganization had been holding me back and that Practical Solutions services made it possible for me to move forward. I became more productive and much less stressed.

-Katie J.

Practical Solutions helped my husband’s parents’ move and I know they never could have made the move without the help they received. The consultants were professional at all times and extremely helpful in guiding my in-laws in deciding what to bring and what would fit in which room. Their expertise in moving and organizing allowed my in-laws to sit back and make decisions based on these wonderful ladies’ advice. The Senior Move Specialist was warm and friendly and made them feel at ease in leaving behind a home of 42 years. The unpacking and labeling made this moving day go so smoothly that they were rested, settled in and able to attend a play that evening. This service made this move a reality.

-Ann L.

I am so thankful for the attention and hard work the Practical Solutions team provided.  It was a pleasure dealing with professionals who were understanding, compassionate and calm when it was such a stressful situation for our family.  I would soooooo recommend their services to anyone in our position.

-Kim P.

There are no words that can describe my gratitude to you all! What a super job you all did in an impossi​ble situation!! There are no words to express how much it meant to have not only you three, but my three kids here.

-Jamie M.

I am so glad I decided to hire Practical Solutions!  The help and expertise they provided made the process so much easier and I would have easily paid them twice as much as they charged.  I couldn’t have done it without them!

-Betty M.

My office is wonderful! I am able to get more done than ever before now that I am organized.  My business is growing because I am not bogged down with paperwork and clutter.  I actually have time to be creative and grow my business.

Roger D.

Working with Practical Solutions was very productive and personally empowering.  My consultant had a sharp eye and practical way of organizing.  What we achieved today would have taken me so much longer on my own – my perfectionism sometimes traps me and I get caught up in the process and finer details.  On my own I would have just made a mess, but we were able to find a home and a place for everything and the process was fun because of her great sense of humor.

-Jennifer C.

I never thought I would be able to get my house together with our third child on the way. My consultant has shown me and taught me how to manage my home, not just her way, but in a way that fits my life. Her energy and words of encouragement are so motivating. I love that she is always full of ideas to make our lives easier and more manageable. She has even been able to get my husband to thin out his things and that’s another thing I never thought I’d see happen. It’s so rewarding to have family and friends over and not have to spend days to get my house to look presentable and we no longer waste money buying things we can’t find.

-Chrystal R.

We are so appreciative of the Practical Solutions crew for all of their thoughtful caring in making mom’s move from her home of 50 years so easy and understandable. At the end of the day, we sat comfortably in her beautiful new home where she felt right at home. Mom was still smiling at the end of a long day, week and month which says it all.

-Carolyn O.

Practical Solutions helped me with my complete move, including ordering cost effective supplies, careful packing, monitoring the moving company, unpacking, and organizing my new place quickly and efficiently. They were flexible with their schedule to meet the demands of the move. I couldn’t have made this move without their help.

-Areli L.

Wow, am I glad I called Practical Solutions! They are AWESOME! True professionals, the kind, courteous staff helped make my move so much easier! My organizer was so great – quick, efficient, super careful, and always respectful of my wishes. I couldn’t have done it without her!! Thank you, Practical Solutions! Your services are worth every penny!

Elijah R.

Practical Solutions helped me move my parents from out of state. I was worried about my parents making the move while I was recovering from surgery but Practical Solutions took care of all of the details so that I could take care of myself. My parents were settled in their new home and even had delicious cookies to enjoy when they arrived. They take the stress out of the moving and relocation experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking to make a move!

-Maddy P.

Getting help from Practical Solutions seriously changed my life! My home is organized and I have been able to maintain the order because of the personalized systems developed.  I’m no longer embarrassed to have friends over and am telling all of my friends to give the service a try!

-Riki U.​

What a change this has made in my life.  If only I had known about Practical Solutions years ago, I could have saved a lot of money on therapy.

Carrie C.

Practical Solutions is a wonderful company that offers a fabulous service for people who need help with moving, packing, organizing, staging, getting rid of furniture, The Owner Cathy Bates is wonderful and honest and offers a one stop shop for whatever the client needs she will design a package for the clients needs. She has an amazing team of people who work hard and they go above an beyond. I am a Licensed Real-Estate agent and I recommend her company all of the time because I trust that they will take care of my client!

Janine M.

My Home was horrendously horrible!  I had trouble throwing things out.  Thanks to Practical Solutions, I was able to let the “stuff” go.  I feel lighter and have my life back again.  Instead of sitting around worrying about the clutter, I am out living life to the fullest!

Ellen M.

A week ago, I was stuck in what I thought was a hopeless situation. My home was being foreclosed and I had a week to move out. I didn’t know how I could possibly do everything I needed to do that quickly. I called Practical Solutions and immediately they put a plan into place. Here I am a week later and not only did they get me downsized, packed and unpacked, I was able to get my paperwork needed for the bankruptcy organized and run an estate sale that more than paid for my legal fees for the bankruptcy. I couldn’t have done it without them.

​-Sue C.