Home Organization

An organized home provides a peaceful environment in which you and your family can function more efficiently, thereby reducing stress and creating time for what's important to you.  LEARN MORE

Senior Downsizing

Moving from a family home full of memories to a smaller space can be a stressful time for everyone involved. The details of downsizing, packing, and unpacking become exhausting and overwhelming.  At Practical Solutions, we understand and tailor our services to fit your specific needs and abilities.  Our highly trained, compassionate, professional organizers will guide you through the physical and emotional process of moving at a pace that's comfortable for you.  We take care of the details, so when you arrive at your new home you can relax and enjoy the lifestyle you desire.  LEARN MORE


​A seamless transition to your new home is possible with proper planning and the help of experienced relocation specialists.  Moving is also a great time to get organized.  Taking time to sort through your possessions before you relocate can save money on moving expenses, as well as create a healthy, functional environment in your new home.  We offer complete relocation services to handle every detail of your move, or you can pick and choose the services you need.  LEARN MORE

Hoarding Assistance

Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization are being recognized as psychological disorders.  Our organizers are specially trained in assisting clients who struggle with hoarding behaviors or chronic disorganization. If you suffer from this disorder, a professional organizer will work one-on-one to gently guide you through the organizing process and create a safe, tranquil home environment in which you can enjoy the things in life that matter most to you.  LEARN MORE

Business Organization

Boost productivity and relieve stress by being organized at work.  We help you create an clutter-free environment and teach you how to work smarter instead of harder, saving time, money, and valuable resources.  LEARN MORE

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