30 Day Declutter Challenge

Remember when you wished for the world to pause so you could have time to get organized? Well, your wish has come true, but where do you begin?

Looking at the overall project can be overwhelming, so we have broken them down into manageable assignments, spread out over 5 weeks.

Insider tips from the professionals:

  • Don’t leave a space while you are organizing. Bring along a box or laundry basket in which to put items that belong elsewhere. This will keep you focused on the task at hand and you can put those away later.
  • Touch everything in each category. Make individual rather than blanket decisions. Pull everything out of cluttered spaces so you can see everything.
  • Get rid of anything that you no longer need.  Items can be shredded, give-away, sell or throw-away.
  • Make weekly trips to your favorite charity. Though the charities are not picking up, they are still open to receive your donations at the writing of this post. Check the website or call for times as they may be different.
  • Use bulk trash pick-ups or hire a hauler to take away trash.  Most cities provide free bulk trash pick-ups twice a year. Check the website to see what your city allows. If you have more than qualifies for your trash service, call to receive a referral to a reputable trash hauler. They are categorized as “essential” services and are still working.
  • Put like items together for now. I don’t encourage you to shop for containers during this time of organizing, but just put like items together using bags or boxes and when this is all over get some containers.

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Week One – Kitchen/Laundry Room

  • Monday, 3/30 – Food
  • Tuesday, 3/31- Dishes/Glasses/Cups
  • Wednesday, 4/1 – Pots/Pans/Bakeware
  • Thursday, 4/2 – Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Friday, 4/3 – Utensils/Linens/Junk Drawer
  • Saturday, 4/4 – Plastic Food Storage/Cleaning Products
  • Sunday, 4/5 – Rest – Make a meal together, try a new recipe. Make memories in your organized kitchen.

The daily assignment will post on the blog and our Facebook page so get the steps to accomplishing each assignment there. Looking forward to having you join us!

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