Spring Cleaning Simplified

It’s that time of year! Time to freshen up the house and enjoy the space.

  • Identify your Priorities. Rather than being overwhelmed by all you would like to do and in your muddled state getting nothing accomplished, just pick a few areas you want to concentrate on. Maybe you want to organize your garage before it gets too hot or concentrate on the kitchen so that you can more easily prepare healthy means. Perhaps your closet needs a through purging.
  • Plan for Success.Eliminate interruptions, purchase the cleaning and organizing supplies you need and schedule enough time to complete your project.
  • Get it Done. Don’t just work hard but work smart. Get help from family, friends or a professional organizer to help keep you focused and help you thru any roadblocks you face.

Remember that your space didn’t get like that overnight, so it will take some time to get it organized like you want it.

Need a little help? The organizers at Practical Solutions not only make unpleasant tasks easier, we make them more fun! Call us at (909)307-4862 to find out how we can assist you in reaching your spring cleaning goals.

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Simplified

  1. Thanks Cathy. I AM working daily on PAPERS. I still do not see the light of day yet but at least I am working on it & not vegetating. Had to laugh at the Kirkland T.P. picture. If it is at your house, better not give your address. Just wishing you AND all your helpers to stay well.

    1. Patti or I are glad to do a virtual session if you feel you need direction and encouragement. Do you have the record retention guideline? Feel free to just box up your shredding and next time we are out there we can take it. I am assuming the free shred days will be cancelled or rescheduled. That is not my house, but laughed at it also. Glad you are making the most of this time. Stay safe and healthy.

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