Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

When the fresh light of spring starts shining in your windows, you can realize the house is looking a little drab. Time to freshen it up and enjoy the warmer temperatures.

  • Air things out. If the weather allows, open up the windows and let some fresh air in.
  • Declutter. Grab a donation bag or box and a trash bag. Go room to room removing items that you no longer need.
  • Clean. Give your house a deep cleaning or hire someone to do some extras like cleaning the windows, dusting the baseboard, etc.
  • Freshen up the d├ęcor. Use things you already have or treat yourself to a few new things to freshen up the house.
  • Perk up the front porch. Clean away the drab and create a welcoming entry. Plant some fresh spring flowers or just hang a spring wreath on the door.
  • Show it off. When you are done, celebrate by planning a gathering of friends and family to enjoy the warmer weather.

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