Create a Hub for Paperwork

Not everyone has the luxury of having a home office to deal with paperwork, but that is not entirely necessary. I find that those who have home offices do not always use them for sorting paperwork but tend to gravitate to a move convenient location like the kitchen counter top.

You can create a paper management station in the kitchen, on a small desk or a small table. Here are the key items you need to be successful in taming the paper tiger:

  • Action Files. This is a filing system that is always out and ready for action. It replaces the pile of to do’s you keep on your desk, countertop or other flat surface. When sorting thru incoming paperwork, this is where the items you keep go. File labels are action verbs like “Pay”, “Call”, and “File.” Having these papers in files keeps them from getting lost and makes it easy to accomplish those actions when you have time.
  • Shredder. Having a shredder handy makes it easy to get rid of paperwork you do not need, while insuring that your important information does not get into the wrong hands.
  • Recycling Bin. Having a recycling bin close helps you get rid of the paperwork that you don’t need and doesn’t need to be shredded.
  • Office Supplies. Having things like scissors, a stapler, tape, paper, pens and pencils handy helps you accomplish these actions rather than procrastinating.
  • Mailing Supplies. Keep a good supply of envelopes, address labels and stamps on hand so that you can quickly and easily take care of anything that needs to be mailed.
  • Computer/Printer. If space allows, it is nice to have a computer and printer in this space so that when you need to go online to pay bills or look something up, you have it at your fingertips.

Maybe your space is so far gone and you are so behind on paper that you do not even know where to begin. We are glad to help dig you out and help you develop a personalized paper system that works for you.

This month when you schedule a session to organize paperwork you will receive 2 boxes of shredding at no charge. Offer good thru February 28, 2018. One offer per household, please.

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