Decluttering the Catch-All Room

You know that room that used to be a child’s bedroom but now you barely recognize it? They left and it became a little of everything – guest bedroom, office, exercise room, craft area. With too many purposes, the room becomes a space that is not functional – a dumping ground where you stash things you don’t know what to do with. Follow these three steps to begin to enjoy this space again.

  • Define the space. How do you want to use this space? What is realistic? Once you have a purpose for the space, you can begin to make it a functional space.
  • Sort out the contents of the room. Donate or discard anything you no longer need. Put like items you are keeping together. Some items that no longer belong in this space can be stored elsewhere.
  • Organize the space. Decide where to store the items you are keeping in this room based on the purpose. Have an area for sleeping and one for an office or crafting. In spaces like the closet, purchase containers that will organize what you are storing and label the containers so that you can easily use the space.

The square footage in your home is valuable and without a purpose it becomes wasted space. Let us show you the potential for the spaces in your home. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. (909)307-4862

2 thoughts on “Decluttering the Catch-All Room

  1. Renaming the space can be a very powerful first step. I had a client who had one so full you couldn’t walk in. She wanted it to be her daughter’s room, so the first thing I did was tell her that from now on, we were referring to it as her daughter’s room, not the junk room. It took us awhile, but the results were amazing, and her daughter loves having her own room:)

  2. Well, that’s a very nice name for it – much better than “the junk room!”

    When our youngest moved out, his room quickly became the spot for dumping empty boxes, old computer equipment, etc. Eventually I got fed up with it and made it into a functional room again. There are probably still more boxes in there than we need, but at least they’re neatly stacked in the corner, and not taking up the better part of the room!

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