Organizing Your Empty Nest

Whether your nest has been empty for years or will soon be empty, it is time to clear out the nest and make room for the next phase in life. Some look at this as a sad time but it is kind of nice to see your kids soar as they leave the nest, knowing you did a good job of raising them. Clearing out the clutter also makes space for new interests that there was not time for when you were busy with kids. Here are some tips to get through this difficult transition:

  • Clear the kid’s rooms. If possible go through children’s rooms with the child it belonged to. If not send pictures of items you think they may want to see if they want them and arrange a time for them to come get the items they want. Usually we find that the things they left are no longer special to them and they are happy passing them along to someone else who can use them.
  • Go through other rooms in the home getting rid of things you no longer need now that the kids are gone. Donate school and craft supplies to a charity so that less fortunate children in your area have what they need as they start school. Purge linens and keep what you need for just what your new, smaller household. Keep your favorite books for grandkids but donate those that you would never read again. Sort through the sports equipment that is no longer used and pass it along to those who will love it.
  • Repurpose the spaces for your current needs. Have you always wanted a home office or craft room? Would you like to keep guest rooms for when the kids come home but make them more updated and less child-like? Have fun creating a space that represents this stage in your life. Empty closets are okay. They leave space for guests and just give you peace of mind because you know you are not holding on to things you no longer need

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