Staging your Home for the Summer Season

If you are selling your home, you may find that you are competing for potential buyers in your area. Staging helps to enhance your home’s strengths while making its weaknesses less noticeable.

Some reasons to stage your home before a move are:
• Homes typically sell for more money
• Considered well-maintained
• Online photos will stand out
• Less time on the market

The rooms that make the most impact to potential buyers are:
• Living room
• Kitchen
• Master bedroom
• Dining room
• Bathroom

The most common suggestion to an affordable and easy home stage is to paint.
• Stick to neutral colors (you wouldn’t want to miss out on an offer simply because the buyer could not see past a brightly colored statement wall)
• Most cost effective improvement
• If you have a small kitchen and dining room, paint them the same color to make them feel like one large interconnected space.

Next, focus your attention on lighting. Make sure that when your lights are on they make it appear as if the sun were shining bright no matter the weather outside.
• Replace and repair light fixtures and bulbs
• Swap out gold fixtures for nickel or chrome

This is probably the biggest step in preparing your home, declutter!
• Create a ‘blank canvas’ that buyers can envision themselves in
• Closets and cabinets packed tight makes it appear to lack storage space
• Consider temporarily storing the overflow offsite
• Create the illusion of more space in a room by simply removing pieces of furniture.

Put away:
• family photos, diplomas, trinkets and other unnecessary decor

The easiest and cheapest way to stage your home is to simply clean it. It is well worth the elbow grease in cleaning floors, walls, baseboards, ceiling fans and windows.
• Clean your carpets and remove pet stains
• Deodorize the kitchen drains or disposal
• Display fresh flowers, candles, anything that has a hint of a pleasant scent.

Follow these simple and easy tips and your home will be off the market in no time.

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