Get Organized for Taxes

Tax time means time to get your paperwork organized. Whether you are doing your own taxes or having a tax preparer do it, the process still requires that you go through all of your paperwork and get it organized. Being disorganized means you miss deductions or expenses, paying the IRS more of your hard earned money than you need to.

Here are three easy steps to make sure you take advantage of all of the reductions in taxes offered:

  1. Sort through every piece of paper you have to set aside those things that are tax related and make decisions on what to do with other paperwork – file, recycle or shred.
  2. Divide tax related paperwork into categories that you will need for taxes – income, expenses, interest/dividend income, mortgage interest, charitable contributions, tax payments made and any other information related to your specific tax situation.
  3. Add up the items above by category in order to enter them into your own tax form or submit them to your preparer.

If any of these steps seem overwhelming, please let us help. We will work side-by-side, tackling the overwhelming mound of paperwork, making it manageable and assisting you in knowing what to do with it all. Now through April 15th we are offering a free desktop action filing system to help you manage paper on a daily basis when you schedule a 4 hour session (no other discounts apply).

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