A show you don’t want to miss: Practical Solutions is on Hoarders this weekend!

In November, we announced that Practical Solutions’ owner Cathy Bates and professional organizer Hoarders, a popular TV show that helps people who chronically struggle with disorganization.

Patti Eickhoff were featured on a taping of

We have some exciting news: The taping will air as episode 15 of season 8 on Sunday, April 3,at 8/7c on A&E! The episode can also be streamed online at http://www.aetv.com/shows/hoarders.

Cathy and Patti with the show’s ServiceMaster crew
On the show, Bates and Eickhoff assist show host Matt Paxton in clearing clutter for a family who struggled with hoarding for years. The matriarch of the family, Vivian, was at risk of losing custody of her grandsons because of the home’s disarray. Faced with high stakes, she confronts her hoarding disorder head on in front of the cameras.
“Vivian was an amazing woman and was motivated to make some very tough decisions quickly for the sake of her family,” Bates said. “Her grandson was also an amazing young man, considering all he has been through – Be sure to watch for the big surprise he gets at the end of the show.”
Although the show was filmed in just three days, Bates said in reality helping hoarders get organized often takes months or even years. Typically, clients are encouraged to work at a pace that’s comfortable for them, and adopt small habit and lifestyle changes.
Ultimately, she said the biggest reward to both the Hoarders taping and the everyday organizing jobs she and her team tackle is the same – That is, witnessing the impact that letting go of unneeded possessions has on a client’s life.
“Lives are changed when clients finally let go of the clutter, whether it takes three days or three years, and make room for important relationships and experiences that last a lifetime,” she said. “I encourage those who struggle with hoarding issues to get help and get their life back like Vivian did.”
Mark your calendars to watch Practical Solutions in action this Sunday, April 3,at 8/7c on A&E, or online at http://www.aetv.com/shows/hoarders. Also, let us know what you think on Facebookand Twitter!

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