How to Organize Your DVDs

Do you have a collection of DVDs that’s collecting dust? Let’s organize it so your time relaxing and

watching movies is a stress-free experience again!

PURGE – Grab your boxes again! Then sort through your DVDs one by one to decide if you’re realistically going to watch them again. Also take some time to re-evaluate your tape collection. Do you even have a working VCR anymore? If not, it may be time to donate or recycle your antiquated technology. Consider purchasing your favorite videos on DVD instead, or just getting Netflix. If you have old home videos, consider transferring them to DVD at a local photo processing center.
ORGANIZE – Make sure all your DVDs are in their proper cases. Arrange them by genre on a shelf or in a cabinet. If you’re short on space, they can be stored in a binder with round slots instead.

MAINTAIN – After watching a movie, put it back in its proper case and location. Not only will it look much neater, but it will also be easier to find next time you want to watch it.  

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