Tragedy in San Bernardino

The tragedy this week hit close to home for all of us, but for those of us only a few miles away it has really hit hard. Most of know of someone who was affected, whether it be someone who worked in the building, some of the brave police force who went in to help the people left in the building to safety, or maybe even those who lost their life in the tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

It’s at times like this that we realize the value of life. In the midst of all of our hussle and bussle to get ready for the holidays, we pause and are grateful for our family and friends. Our focus shifts and we realize that life is short and all of the stuff we accumulate doesn’t really bring meaning to our life, but it’s the people who do.

In the wake of this tragedy, do not allow yourself to fear but to focus on what is really important in your life. Are their unfulfilled dreams you have? Set goals to reach them.. Are there people you wish to mend relationships with? Be the one to take the first step to reconcile. When you begin to feel bad about your life, go and help someone less fortunate. Investing in others brings more joy than any gift ever will.

Life is short and there is no need to spend it accumulating stuff that adds to our frustration, but spend it with people who inspire and encourage us.

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