Simplify Your Travel

Save money and your back by traveling light.

With the high cost of checking a bag these days, everyone is looking for ways to travel lighter. Lugging around a huge suitcase can also give you a painful start to your vacation. Here are some tips for keeping your packing simple:

  • Pack “must haves” and not “just in case” items. Most of us pack more than we need on a trip so try to be realistic about what you really need.
  • If it is bulky, wear it. To save space in your suitcase, wear your bulkiest items like jeans, athletic shoes and coats.
  • Mix and match using neutral colors. Pick a few pair of your favorite bottoms in neutral colors and mix and match with a different top each day. 
  • Go basic on your toiletries. Pare your list of toiletries down to what you absolutely need and rely on the hotel for some of the items you know they will provide.
  • Don’t pack items you can easily and inexpensively purchase. If you have transportation and stores close, some items can be purchased when you get there for less than the cost to check a bag.
  • Pack items you can donate along the way. This is a favorite tip provided by two of my clients who travel they world. They take items they planned to donate anyway and after wearing them, they donate them, leaving room for lots of souvenirs in their suitcase. 

I hope your summer travel plans bring lots of memories and no backaches!

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