Getting Started is the Hardest Part of Organizing

When clients call me in desperation, I hear things like “I don’t know where to begin” and “I am overwhelmed.” Once clutter gets out of control, it can be a little more than we can handle and that is why I started my business. I wanted to be able to help people live life to the fullest and hated seeing them paralyzed by their clutter. .

One bit of advise I have for tackling an overwhelming task is to just get started and then it all begins to look clearer. Don’t over-complicate the task, but just do what you can. I like to encourage clients to get started by grabbing a trash bag and collecting anything they can quickly identify as trash – junk mail, newspapers, old magazines, fast food containers, broken items, etc. Then, grab another bag or box if fragile items and collect things that you no longer need to donate. Put that bag directly in your car and drive to the nearest donation center. Just doing those two simple tasks can create space and make organizing the things you are keeping easier. It begins to look clearer when the excess clutter is removed.

Each time you hit a road block, take a deep breath, relax and work your way through the road block – don’t give up. If you continue to get hung up, that is when you need the help of a professional organizer. We have been able to organize a space in 4 hours that a client has struggled with for years. When a project is more than we can do our on own, we need someone to come beside us and enable us to accomplish our goals. We would be honored to be that person.

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