One Step Away From Being Organized

My college-aged daughter sent me a text that said “Thanks so much for teaching me One Step Away From Being Organized. I just wish my roommate understood it.” One Step Away From Being Organized was something my children heard a lot growing up when they got close to putting something away, but didn’t make it all of the way. Each time I said it, I would get an sigh and their shoulders would slouch as they went back to put it away the right way. I am quite sure they didn’t like hearing it so it is nice to know my first child is learning to appreciate those lessons.

Getting organized is difficult. Staying organized is even more difficult. Even when items have a home, they must always be put back there or soon chaos reigns again. It’s so easy to just get close to putting it away because you are busy, saying that later you will somehow miraculously have more time and be able to put it away properly. It doesn’t take but a few seconds to take the time to put something in it’s place. However, if you don’t take these seconds to put it away properly, you will spend minutes and maybe hours looking for something because it is not in it’s place. You may even find it is easier going to the store to buy another, creating more clutter problems.

Take that extra step to stay organized!

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