Creating a Welcoming Environment

The Four F’s of creating an environment where a senior can feel at home

Moving at any age is difficult, but the older we get the more difficult transitioning becomes. At Practical Solutions we like for the client to feel like we waved a magic wand and everything magically went from one house to the other and landed in exactly the spot where it had lived for years. Of course, it is never that easy and requires a lot of pictures, notes, boxes, paper, label, tape and sweat to make it happen. A client will never realize that we remembered to put the alarm clock on the same side of the bed that it was on in the new house, but they sure will realized it if we do not. All of this hard work is worth it all when they are able to walk into their new space and feel at home. 
The new home environment needs to be:

  • Friendly – It is important that they move into a neighborhood or community with like-minded individuals that share similar interests. I have seen clients who have been home-bound for years thrive in community living and live a much more rich life.
  • Familiar – If possible set up furniture in a similar way where their path to the bathroom at night is familiar and their dresser drawer are arranged as they were in the old house. Create familiar sights, sounds and smells as these also help the senior feel at home.
  • Functional – After living for years in the same place one is on autopilot and functions without thinking. As you arrange and unpack, think of how the other person will function in the new environment. Ask where they will go to look for a certain item. This is especially important if memory issues are present.
  • Forgiving – Things usually cannot be placed exactly where they were in the new home so make sure the new home is forgiving with soft corners, free of rugs to slip on, furniture without wheels and clear walkways. Most of all, family and friends need to be patient and forgiving as they may express frustration as they deal with change. If they get angry, sad or frustrated, do not take it personally but ask yourself what is causing it.
We love providing stress-free relocations and thrive on taking care of all of the details so that the person moving can relax and concentrate on taking care of themselves.  We would be honored to have the opportunity to quote you or a loved one on an upcoming move.

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