Is Perfectionism Keeping You From Your Organizing Goals?

Trying to do everything perfectly can be the greatest obstacle to reaching your organizing goals. Life is not perfect and nothing we do will every be done perfectly. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be content with the best we can do.  

Many of the compulsive hoarders we assist are perfectionists. Hard to believe, I know! However, when everything must be done perfectly, it can be paralyzing and a person gives up when things are not perfect which causes everything to pile up and become overwhelming. Some people are able to control everything in their life and work hard to keep things “perfect” but as life changes, other people enter their lives that do not do things “perfectly” like they do or they experience health issues where we are unable to keep up with all they must do things fall apart. Few people do have what seems to be a perfect home that is fully under their control. However, they and their family are usually perfectly miserable because they never get to relax and enjoy life.

As a person who has overcome perfectionism, I have learned to say “good enough” and just get things done so that I have time for the important relationships in my life. If my house had to be perfect before I could invite people into my home, I would never have anyone over. I have learned that having a home that is warm and welcoming, but not perfect is actually much more comfortable for people. They are not there to inspect our homes with a white glove, but to build relationships.

If perfectionism is a struggle for you, please allow us to help you get organized and enjoy life in an environment that is “good enough.”

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