Spending Time with Family at the Holidays

Spending time with loved ones during the holidays can be one of the greatest blessings. It can also be a time where we realize how quickly a family member is aging and how they are not able to get around like they once did.  We worry about them being able to care for themselves. Creating a safe environment for them in their home so that they can live comfortably and be cared for there or moving them into a senior community where they can receive the care they need becomes our focus. Here are some things that can help.

Aging in Place
If it is best for your loved one to stay in their home, they may require downsizing in order to make room for a walker or wheelchair or remove any obstacles that could create a challenge for them as they walk through their home. They may also need to clear a guest bedroom to make room for a caretaker.

Moving to a Senior Community
As we age, change becomes more and more difficult and so it is important to create a space in their new home where they feel comfortable and are surrounded by familiar things just in a smaller space. The transition is difficult but once they get settled and realize they have everything they need, they feel a freedom and quickly get involved in their new community.

Whether moving or aging in place, the most important thing you can do to support your loved one is to set goals and guide them through the process with patience. It is important for seniors to maintain their independence and it is very difficult for them to accept help. One way to make them feel in control is to ask questions and not give commands. They want to know you care about them are are willing to let them work through the emotional process of letting go. If you know trouble is bound to erupt when you work with your family member, maybe it is best to get someone on the outside to help. When a professional gets involved, it ensures that family relationships stay strong. To find out more click here.    

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